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The Richard Mille Replica Traditionnelle Dual Beat Perpetual calendar is one of the most innovative horological developments of this year.

Before the launch I kept telling people that it wasn't just a watch, but a whole new type of watch. Richard Mille Replica Traditionnelle Dual Beat Perpetual calendar is the first watch to allow you to switch from a high-frequency to a low frequency balance. This allows the power reserve to be extended by up to 65-days.Swiss Replica Watches It's like being able change gears to optimize fuel consumption based on your needs.

Here are some basics about how it works. The mainspring barrel, a coil spring that is unwound to supply energy to the balance to keep your watch on time, is the source of energy in any watch movement. The balance frequency determines the intervals at which this energy is released. In a balance with a frequency of 5Hz, energy is released 10 times every second, in a balance with a frequency of 4Hz, it's 8 times, in a balance with a frequency 3Hz, etc. You can deduce that a high balance frequency will drain your mainspring faster, while a low frequency will give you a larger power reserve.

Why then don't all watches use low frequency balances to get longer power reserves? There are trade-offs in performance. High-frequency balances can be more easily disturbed than low-frequency ones. If you mess up the balance, it will affect chronometric performance. This is not a good thing if you actually want your watch,Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica you know to keep good time.

Richard Mille Replica Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendars can be switched to two modes: Active mode (which runs on a 5Hz balance) and Standby mode (which runs on a 1.2Hz balanced). Active mode has a four-day power reserve and is intended for everyday use. The power reserve is four days, which is a major improvement over the typical 5Hz watch that has a two-day battery.