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16-3-2013  |  Worlds' Biggest Catamaran Race -Round Texel Race- has opened entry

The entry for the 36th edition of Worlds’ biggest Catamaran Race, the annual Round Texel Race was opened yesterday. This year’s event will take place on the 15th of June.

Hundreds of catamarans sail around the Island of Texel to be the fastest, either in order as finishing boat, or in calculated (handicap) time order.

The event is fixed to take place annually off the Texel Beach at Paal 17 in a concept of perfect mixture of public entertainment and catsailors’ competition.

Webdevelopment and Support
For several years, MedCapz has been contracted for webdevelopment and support of web site activities as well as for providing additional media related services. The last few years, being part of the event media team, MedCapz has also provided on-site services to enforce media distribution services.

Serving up to 100.000 page views per day
Especially during the event, MedCapz high performance hosting services serve a world wide audience with traffic demands up to 100.000 page views per day. (Source of numbers by Google Analytics).

These page views concern generic content pages, as well as high broadband demanding photography and video content.

MedCapz provides high demand hosting services on self-owned VMware Windows server hosting facilities, as well as additional Linux and Windows platform hosting services in cooperation with our Premium Hosting Partner, Denit Internet Solutions in Amsterdam.

Video Production and Live Video Streaming
During the last two years, MedCapz has provided Event Video Production services, as well as Live Video Broadcasting services. Live Broadcasting Services have been provided using Windows Media Server and third party platforms to broadcast the start and finish of the Round Texel Race.

Video Channel Application
In the event website, MedCapz has implemented it’s self produced MLV9 Media library software applications to distribute video reports and photography.

The video publishing software is specially built to serve an event community with both low res and high resolution video in a branded and channeled environment.

With our software, event marketing officers are given the tools to optimize the use of video in their Cross Media and Social Media Strategy, aiming a maximum result of media distribution.

Our video publishing software features sophisticated (open graph) social media integration, as well as advantages which Media RSS provides, all integrated into one channeled platform.

Our software is nearly video format independent accepting WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV and even You Tube Video, which makes it easy for event webmasters and video editors to publish video on the event web site.

Social Media
Any individual video on the platform suggests to share the video over Facebook and Twitter, but is also fixed to be 'liked” and re-distributed to other social media platform users. The video channel application uses the Facebook Open Graph Protocol, aiming to maximize community interest and social media platform distribution.

Facebook Fan Page Video Publishing
A special feature that the video channel uses is Facebook whitelisting of publishing video over our high performance web server.

As a result of software development by MedCapz, in combination with global leading internet video publishing software provider Longtailvideo, our software gives you the opportunity to publish your event video with event (domain) website directing links and branded looks on your event Facebook page, instead of losing traffic to your web site.

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