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8-2-2015  |  MedCapz chooses for partnership with Magento Industry Partner Amasty

To strengthen production and development of Magento eCommerce projects, MedCapz has chosen for a partnership with Magento Industry Partner Amasty, specializing in the development of extensions for Magento.

For MedCapz this is a strategic step to offer and maintain high quality services in the rapidly developing market of eCommerce. Amasty, based in the USA and Belarus, has proven to be a professional and reliable company with highly qualified developers and a wide, especially strong network of specialists.
Project management, design and development basics and marketing of eCommerce projects will remain MedCapz in-house services. Projects will be supported by Amasty where necessary with task-based extensions and advanced custom solutions.

MedCapz currently has two Magento projects in development, to go live before this Summer.
In addition to securing the presence of technical expertise, MedCapz recently has made the necessary efforts to gain expertise in hosting optimization of the resource consuming Magento platform.
MedCapz (Media Captures), originally specializing in web platforms and (online) Media & Marketing Communication, has delivered a number of Magento web shops, and also participates in the successful startup 3V Underwear with web

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