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We haven't even had the time to get our first 'Media Matters” winner's free ad up on the front page yet, and already we're receiving submissions for the next prize.  The best nominee so far is the International 470 Class, who recently went live with a new microsite solely for videos about the 470.  It looks good, it does the job, and it's a good example of using what you have to build enthusiasm for your class, event, club, or whatever.  Of course it doesn't hurt that the 470 likely has more hot chicks in it than any other class...

The site has its own Flash viewer but is built on YouTube, meaning editors, bloggers, and random Facebookers can embed the videos wherever they want with just a click.  Sounds good to us!


Addition of MedCapz:

In 2009, Productions brought the first home produced version of MLV9 online for theInternational 470 Class Association under domain

In the end of 2009, thedomain was discontinued.


The video library software with its unique capabilities, was developed further, and is one of MedCapz’s biggest inhouse software development successes.

This media library features several unique functions, such as bringing online video in various web compatible formatssuch as flash video, MP4, M4V, WMV, but also embed YouTube video, all played in an exclusive videoplayer.

In the meantime, several crucial functionalities have been added to MLV9 functionality. The players uses html5 to play video on mobile devices, Open Graph programming and Media RSS has been added to maximize the integration and distribution of video over social network platforms.

MLV9 is used on MedCapz project web sites such as the Round Texel Race, DeltaLloyd Open Dutch Championships, Extreme 40 class, Special Sports Hockey and Running, New World Sports, Delta Lloyd 470 Junior World Championships.

The second released software update was used during the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championships 2010 inThe Hague.

As social networks such as facebook have authorized our high performance server as provider of embedded video, MedCapz is able to provide the total multimedia and social networking solution.