Online en Offline media projects

MedCapz  has a broad experience in media coordination of sailing sports, both preparation, implementation and final reporting. The strenght and added value of our services is the combination of our self -by experiences- built applications, our technology and our partnered services.

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Internet and online Marketing & Strategy

Your prominent presence on the Internet is critical to your business. You want to be found, communicate clearly what customers expect from you, and you want your online competitive edge, possibly using a strong social media platform.

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Website/eCommerce development

MedCapz produces web sites, online commerce, and custom applications, completely focused on your business. Our starting point always is your company interest, and your aim to launch a web site and synchronize your market and results oriented goals with design, message and online technology.

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High Performance web hosting

MedCapz features high performance server hosting facilities on high quality hardware and most advanced technology, for events with very high capacity demands. In cooperation with our premium partner hosting provider, we provide expert advice and professional solutions.

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Knowledge partner for your online activity

MedCapz is a multimedia company specializing in consultancy, production, marketing and strategy of mainly online media. Our unique proposition versus other players in the market, is our broad,  long term and demonstrable experience developing self owned online platforms in addition to the delivery and support of a high number of projects. On this, we base our knowledge to provide your business with goal-oriented services.

MedCapz provides separate services, but also 'end-to-end' solutions, from web site production to entire project fullfillment to communicate your event to public and media through channeled online and offline media. MedCapz takes care of your company and/or corporate website, online shop, to work with you to plan and execute an effective goal and result oriented strategy.

The services of MedCapz are always crystal clear. Every organization and every industry is different. We are happy to explain how, what, why and when, so that you clearly understand the added value of our services. We will never sell modular services, MedCapz is your knowledge and production partner. As a specialist, and as your translator between conventional and new media, we focus entirely on your business interests, culture and goals.

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What others say:

“The site has its own Flash viewer but is built on YouTube, meaning editors, bloggers, and random Facebookers can embed the videos wherever they want with just a click. Sounds good to us!”

Sailing Anarchy

“A video well shot and even better edited, featuring interviews with Giulia Conti and Sime Fantela, and especially with so many beautiful pictures of races on the water, all accompanied by the right music.”

Flavio Colivicchi Editor at - Media Consultant